3ton Slewing Arm Crane for Sale

3ton Slewing Arm Crane for Sale

3Ton Slewing Arm Crane For sale 

3Ton Slewing Arm Crane For sale is a crane which is utilised with PK variety electric powered chain hoist or CD, MD variety electric powered
hoist. It consists of column, swing jib, electric hoist, push system and electrical manage system.

The base of column is fixed on the concrete foundation by the anchor bolts, driving device is driven by the motor to
rotate swing jib, and the electric powered hoist reciprocates and runs on swing jib.

3Ton Slewing Arm Crane For sale has the rewards of basic composition, convenient procedure, tiny profession
room and huge doing work variety. And was broadly utilised in machinery manufacturing, automotive, shipbuilding and other
present day industrial manufacturing strains, assembly strains and warehouses, docks, laboratories and other supplies managing
operations. It Is an excellent lifting products for bettering work effectiveness and functioning circumstances for the organization.

3Ton Slewing Arm Crane For sale is a mild obligation lifting tools, and its rated potential have six specs of .5t,
1t, 2t, 3t, 5t and 10t . According to  diverse doing work specifications, we can select diverse designs of cranes. This kind
of machine has two types of manipulation: electrical and guide procedure. Rotary arm rotation angle can be selected from
a hundred and eighty °, 270 °, 345 °, 360 ° according to your utilization.

Utilised with various electric powered hoist:

3Ton Slewing Arm Crane For sale can be used with mini hoist, wire rope electric hoist and electric powered chain hoist.

Solution characteristic:

3ton Slewing Arm Crane for Sale

July 2024