Industry standards for leaf chains

Industry Standards for Leaf Chains

Industry Standards for Leaf Chains


In the world of mechanical power transmission, leaf chains play a crucial role in various industrial applications. These chains are known for their exceptional strength, durability, and ability to handle heavy loads. In this article, we will explore the industry standards for leaf chains and dive into their importance in different sectors.

Leaf Chain

Chapter 1: Understanding Leaf Chains

Leaf chains, also known as forklift chains or lift truck chains, are a type of roller chain commonly used in material handling equipment, such as forklifts, cranes, and hoists. These chains consist of interleaved metal plates, or “leaves,” that are connected by pins and bushings. The unique design of leaf chains allows them to withstand heavy loads and provide reliable performance in demanding applications.

Leaf Chain Usage

Chapter 2: Industry Standards for Leaf Chains

When it comes to leaf chains, adhering to industry standards is essential to ensure optimal performance and safety. Here are some key standards that govern the manufacturing and usage of leaf chains:

1. ISO 4347:2015

ISO 4347:2015 sets the standards for leaf chain dimensions, materials, and performance. It provides guidelines for manufacturers to produce leaf chains that meet specific load capacities, fatigue strength, and wear resistance requirements.

2. ANSI/ASME B29.8M-2012

ANSI/ASME B29.8M-2012 is the American National Standard for leaf chains used in forklifts and other material handling equipment. It outlines the design, construction, and testing criteria for leaf chains to ensure compatibility and interchangeability.

3. DIN 8152:1992

DIN 8152:1992 is the German standard for leaf chains. It provides specifications for dimensions, materials, and performance characteristics, ensuring high-quality and reliable leaf chains for various industrial applications.


In conclusion, leaf chains are an integral part of the mechanical power transmission industry. Adhering to industry standards such as ISO 4347:2015, ANSI/ASME B29.8M-2012, and DIN 8152:1992 is crucial to ensure the performance, reliability, and safety of leaf chains in various applications. As a leading company in the Chinese chain market, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality leaf chains, drag chains, flexible chains, and more. With state-of-the-art automated production and assembly equipment, we offer top-notch products, competitive prices, and excellent customer service. Feel free to contact us for custom orders and experience the difference of our superior products and services.


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May 2024