Anti-Static Fire Retardant Conveyor Belt

Anti-Static Fire Retardant Conveyor Belt

Anti-static fireplace retardant conveyor belt&lparPVC&solPVG&rpar
1&interval Varieties&colon 680s&comma 800s&comma 1000s&comma 1250s&comma 1400s&comma 1600s
two&colon Width&colon 650-1200mm
4&interval Operational atmosphere&colon Underground – Anti Fire
5&period of time Abrasion resistant & High Tensile Power
six&period CZPT&colon 2008&comma Bureau Veritas Certificate&period
7&time period Much more Than thirty several years professional expertise&period of time &lparSince 1982&rpar
8&time period CZPT CZPT&colon DIN&comma BS&comma AS&comma RMA&comma AS&comma JISK&comma SABS and so forth

It is primarily relevant for the underground coal mine transport&comma and also the conveyance of materials for metallurgical and chemical industries&interval It can be divided into two types&colon PVC&comma PVG in accordance to distinct framework

Overall performance
PVC&solPVG conveyer belt is created from the complete belt core through dipping and plastifying in polyvinyl chloride &lparPVC&rpar dipping agent or sulfuration&time period It characteristics largely in the substantial toughness&comma large freight quantity and secure conveyance functionality&period Aside from&comma it is fireplace retardant&comma anti-static&comma shock resistant&comma wearable and corrosion resistant&period

PVC type&colon Best and bottom go over are PVC coating&comma solitary-sided tape thickness&colon &geq one&period0mm&comma inclined angle&colon <16°
PVG kind&colon Top and base are nitrile rubber with PVC&comma single-sided tape thickness&colon 1&period5mm-four&period5mm&time period Inclined angle&colon <20°

Our ideal top quality primarily based on&colon
Encounter in Cooperate with CZPT five hundred Companies
Professional CZPT Capacity
Stable Quality
Reasonable Cost
Tiny Orders Approved
Constant Improvements
Substantial Item Overall performance
Prompt Shipping and delivery
Expert Services

About Huayue Company
Huayue is the Top 5 manufacturers and exporters of ep polyester rubber CZPT Belt in ChinaSince 1982&period Our selection of conveyor belts are extremely appreciated by our clientele due to its Abrasion resistant characteristic and availability in a variety of sizes and designs&period of time
These are dimensionally correct as per global requirements&period of time

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Metallic Mesh conveyor belt &lparHeat resistant temp right up until 800c&rpar
Countless belts
CZPT roller&comma idler
CZPT Pulley&comma frame&comma bracket etc

Kind and specialized parameter of PVC conveyer belt:
CZPT MT914-2008 Safety aspect ten(Breaking strength*1/10)  
The Slope <16°C
CZPT type Degree Breaking strength≥,N/mm Tensile yield≥,% Advising Mindiameter of Transmission Drum
Longitudinal Transverse Longitudinal Transverse
680S 4th 680 265 15 eighteen 320
800S 5th 800 280 400
1000S 6th a thousand 300 five hundred
1250S 7th 1250 350 500
1400S eighth 1400 350 630
1600S eighth 1600 four hundred 750


Type and specialized parameter of PVG conveyer belt
CZPT MT914-2008 BS3289 HG2805 Protection aspect ten(Breaking power*one/ten)
CZPT type Diploma The slope <20°C CZPTmmend minimal roller diameter
Breaking strength≥,N/mm Tensile yield≥,%
Longitudinal Transverse Longitudinal Transverse
680S 4th 680 265 15 eighteen 400
800S 5th 800 280 five hundred
1000S 6th one thousand 300 630
1250S 7th 1250 350 750
1400S 8th 1400 350 750
1600s ninth 1600 400 750


Secure perform
Perform Name The alcohol combustion The propane combustion CZPTal conductivity The roller rub
CZPT value Average value≤3S,Listing value≤10S(Have no include gum) a)≥600 ≤3X10 eight Ω ≤325°C
Regular value≤5S,Record value≤15S(Have no go over gum) b)≥50mm≤140°C≤1250mm Have no Mars

Anti-Static Fire Retardant Conveyor Belt

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