BL Series Leaf Chain for Forklift Trucks and Material Handling

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Leaf Chain

What is a Leaf Chain?

Leaf chain is a rollerless chain that is commonly used on forklift trucks and in other material handling applications. Leaf chain is constructed of steel link plates mounted side-by-side on pins. The contour of the link is the same figure-eight shape found on standard roller chains. The chain can flex at each pin. Leaf chain is used in tension linkage applications, where the chain is kept in tension and can be moved in either direction. Leaf chain is commonly used on forklift trucks and in other material handling applications. Leaf chain is also referred to as cable chain and balance chain.


BL Series Leaf Chain Sizes

The BL series has Pin and link plate dimensions according to ANSI standards, and however, the plate dimensions and pin diameter are those of the next largest size. This provides increased bearing area and tensile strength for longer wear life with reduced outer dimensions. Made in accordance with DIN 8152 heavy-duty American Series. Lacing options include 2X3, 3X4, 4X6, 2X2, 4X4, 6X6 and 8X8.


Chain Size
Pitch (P)
Tensile Strength
Weight (Per Ft)
Pin Diameter (D)
Pin Length (L)
Plate Height
Plate Thickness (T)
BL422 Leaf Chain 2X2 0.500" 6,200 lbs 0.46 lbs 0.200" 0.427" 0.472" 0.080"
BL423 Leaf Chain 2X3 0.500" 6,200 lbs 0.56 lbs 0.200" 0.510" 0.472" 0.080"
BL434 Leaf Chain 3X4 0.500" 9,300 lbs 0.76 lbs 0.200" 0.677" 0.472" 0.080"
BL444 Leaf Chain 4X4 0.500" 12,580 lbs 0.86 lbs 0.200" 0.764" 0.472" 0.080"
BL446 Leaf Chain 4X6 0.500" 11,000 lbs 1.11 lbs 0.200" 0.929" 0.472" 0.080"
BL466 Leaf Chain 6X6 0.500" 18,360 lbs 1.32 lbs 0.200" 1.094" 0.472" 0.080"
BL488 Leaf Chain 8X8 0.500" 24,500 lbs 1.61 lbs 0.200" 1.402" 0.472" 0.080"
BL522 Leaf Chain 2X2 0.625" 9,600 lbs 0.64 lbs 0.234" 0.498" 0.591" 0.094"
BL523 Leaf Chain 2X3 0.625" 9,600 lbs 0.79 lbs 0.234" 0.594" 0.591" 0.094"
BL534 Leaf Chain 3X4 0.625" 14,700 lbs 1.14 lbs 0.234" 0.791" 0.591" 0.094"
BL544 Leaf Chain 4X4 0.625" 18,050 lbs 1.27 lbs 0.234" 0.888" 0.591" 0.094"
BL546 Leaf Chain 4X6 0.625" 18,050 lbs 1.61 lbs 0.234" 1.083" 0.591" 0.094"
BL566 Leaf Chain 6X6 0.625" 28,000 lbs 1.88 lbs 0.234" 1.278" 0.591" 0.094"
BL588 Leaf Chain 8X8 0.625" 38,100 lbs 2.49 lbs 0.234" 1.665" 0.591" 0.094"
BL622 Leaf Chain 2X2 0.750" 14,100 lbs 1.13 lbs 0.312" 0.645" 0.713" 0.125"
BL623 Leaf Chain 2X3 0.750" 14,100 lbs 1.37 lbs 0.312" 0.778" 0.713" 0.125"
BL634 Leaf Chain 3X4 0.750" 23,000 lbs 1.90 lbs 0.312" 1.041" 0.713" 0.125"
BL644 Leaf Chain 4X4 0.750" 27,000 lbs 2.14 lbs 0.312" 1.173" 0.713" 0.125"
BL646 Leaf Chain 4X6 0.750" 27,000 lbs 2.69 lbs 0.312" 1.437" 0.713" 0.125"
BL666 Leaf Chain 6X6 0.750" 42,000 lbs 3.18 lbs 0.312" 1.701" 0.713" 0.125"
BL688 Leaf Chain 8X8 0.750" 53,682 lbs 4.02 lbs 0.312" 2.248" 0.713" 0.125"
BL822 Leaf Chain 2X2 1.000" 24,300 lbs 1.74 lbs 0.375" 0.794" 0.949" 0.156"
BL823 Leaf Chain 2X3 1.000" 24,300 lbs 2.15 lbs 0.375" 0.953" 0.949" 0.156"
BL834 Leaf Chain 3X4 1.000" 38,000 lbs 2.98 lbs 0.375" 1.281" 0.949" 0.156"

The Structure of the Leaf Chain

Leaf chain is composed of two parts, a chain plate and a pin shaft. The chain plates are connected by the pin shaft to withstand the tension of the chain plate. The outer chain plate and the pin shaft have an interference fit, and the inner chain plate and the pin shaft have a sliding fit. Compared with roller chains, leaf chains have a greater strength/weight ratio.

  1. Outer chain plate

The outer chain plate of the leaf chain is made of special steel, which can resist sudden load and provide maximum resistance to fracture.

  1. Bearing pin

The load-bearing pin of the Elephant and SFR brands leaf chain has strong bending resistance, excellent wear performance, and long life.

  1. Inner chain plate

Through the precise control of the pin shaft and the aperture of the chain plate, the movement of the inner chain plate is improved, friction is minimized, and the economy and efficiency of chain operation are improved.


BL Series Leaf Chain Features

The leaf chain, be it the AL, LL or BL series, is generally the most simple of steel chains. It consists of link plates connected by pins, and it runs over sheaves rather than sprockets. Though each type has its uses, OEMs and distributors are advised to go for BL leaf chain when the applications overlap. This is because the BL series leaf chain consists of relatively thick and large link plates and is known for its superior consistency, strength and availability. If you’re an OEM or distributor, read on to find out the benefits of BL leaf chain and why you should consider going for it.

1. It Is the Only Leaf Chain Included in Two Standards

While LL chains are only in the ISO standard, AL chains are not regulated and have dimensions that vary between manufacturers. However, BL leaf chain is included in the international chain standards ISO4347 and BS29.8.

2. It Offers Great Length Consistency

Because it is constructed from specific components, the BL series leaf chain has a consistent and reliable pitch and length.

3. It Has a Relatively Better Tensile Strength Ratio

The BL series leaf chain has higher tensile strength and lower weight. The tensile strength ratio can be up to 15% better than the LL leaf chain, for example, making it ideal for forklift masts and telescopic booms.

4. It Is Widely Available at Competitive Prices

The BL leaf chain is probably the most popular leaf chain globally, making it readily available for purchase and at a good price. What’s more, it boasts an array of associated parts, including chain anchor bolts and clevis pins.

5. It Is Built for a Greater Bearing Area and Longer Working Life

Because the BL series leaf chain offers the option of odd lacing (4×6, for example), it increases bearing areas by 66%, resulting in a prolonged working life as the load is spread across more links.

6. It Can Be Used With Smaller Pulleys To Save on Space

BL leaf chains can be used with smaller pulleys, allowing equipment designers to fit the mechanism into more compact spaces.

BL Leaf Chain Applications

As a common transmission and lifting device, leaf chain is generally used in drives with large power and slow speed, and it is also suitable for corrosion-resistant, clean or demanding chemical fields and high and low temperature environments. Leaf chains are widely used in lifting equipment industry, construction machinery industry, bulk material industry, etc. Specific applications include forklifts, stackers, parking garages, ascending platforms, etc. BL series leaf chain is ideal for heavy-duty hanging, balancing or motion transmission applications like:

  • Forklifts
  • Material handling
  • Lift trucks
  • Container lifts
  • Machine tools
  • Elevator and oven doors
  • Spinning frames


Leaf Chain Manufacturing Process

The basic technological process of leaf chain manufacturing includes raw material preparation, parts processing (chain plates, pins), rolling processing, parts heat treatment, surface treatment, parts oiling, assembly and other steps.
  1. Selected high-quality raw materials

Leaf chain carefully selects high-performance raw materials, including high-quality carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel, and spring steel, and strictly controls the raw materials.

  1. Rigorous and comprehensive raw material testing

We has advanced and complete testing laboratories at each of our factories, which conduct scientific and rigorous comprehensive testing of each raw material to ensure that they meet the quality and safety requirements.

  1. High-quality and efficient parts processing

The parts are processed by high-precision high-speed punches, high-speed cutting equipment, etc.

  1. Heat treatment of parts

The fully automated mesh belt furnace line, rotary furnaces, converter and other equipment are used to process the leaf chain parts to improve the strength and toughness of the leaf chain.

BL Series Leaf Chain Manufacturers

Hzpt has advanced manufacturing technology, a powerful manufacturing force, and high-end precision testing instruments to ensure that every chain delivered from the factory has qualified quality. The main products of the company include various A/B series standard roller chains, conveyor chains, leaf chain & hoisting chains, agricultural chains, engineering chains, cast iron chains, and various pintle chains. The product quality is stable and durable. We implement all-around management and control over product quality and service and continuously improve user satisfaction. The chain produced by the company enjoys a certain reputation in China for its high quality, good reputation, and high-quality service. The sales network covers more than 30 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions in China, is exported to Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and other countries, and is highly praised by users.

In the future, our company will still be based in the chain transmission industry and will continue to develop various transmission chains and conveyor chains. We expect customers at home and abroad to call us for consultation, investigation, and business negotiation. Warmly welcome friends at home and abroad to visit our company to discuss business and cooperation. Let us work together to create a better future.

We are one of the best leaf chain manufacturers. We have exported our products to clients around the world and earned a good reputation because of our superior product quality and after-sales service. We warmly welcome customers both at home and abroad to contact us to negotiate business, exchange information, and cooperate with us!



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