Polyacrylamide for Sand Washing and Filtration

Polyacrylamide for Sand Washing and Filtration

Polyacrylamide for sand washing and filtration. It has very excellent efficiency to get rid of the clay strong and have fast sedimentation. To steer clear of  water loss and to re-use the water quickly

Polyacrylamide is, just named PAM, a drinking water- soluble high polymer and commonly utilised in petroleum, paper-generating, metallurgical, textile, chemical and atmosphere security fields. There are 3 categories of anionic, cationic and non-ionic kind. 

Polyacrylic acide(Anionic powder) is high molecular fat polymer with anionic charge,used for industrial and potable h2o therapy, paper mills and mining industry.

CAS amount for PAM: 9003-05-8

PAM Useful principle 
Flocculation Mechanism: Adsorbing suspension particles, polymer chains entangle and cross-link every single other to type bridging, and make flocculation framework enlarge and thicken, and has the features of area adsorption and electric neutralization. Reinforcing System: PAM molecule chain and dispersed period sort bridging bond, ion bond and covalent bond to enhance blend energy.

Anionic polyacrylamide Features:
1) Appearance: White granule
2) Molecular excess weight: five – 22 million least
3) Granule: twenty – one hundred mesh
4) Solid content: 88% minimal
5) Hydrolyzing degree: ten – 20%, 20 – 30% or 30 – forty%
six) Dissolving time: 2 hrs optimum (10º C)
7) Insoluble: .five% highest
8) Monomer totally free: .05% greatest

Anionic polyacrylamide polymer Packing:
25kg/plastic improved paper luggage with interior plastic bag, 25kg/PE luggage

PAM polymer storage and shelf lifestyle:
PAM polyaceylamide polymer need to be storaged in a dry and cool warehouse with 24 months validity.

Polyacrylamide Remedy make up:
Answer ought to be manufactured up at .1-.three% reliable. Make-up drinking water temerature must be between 10 oC to 40 oC for optimum merchandise functionality. Subsequent dispersion into agitated h2o, stirring must be continue for about an hour. The liquid polyacrylamide are stable for a single 7 days.

Polyacrylamide for Sand Washing and Filtration

June 2024