replacement rotary cutter omni gearbox

substitute gearbox for rotary cutter omni gearbox complete interchangable measurement

Substitute your damaged rotary cutter gearbox with this new alternative unit. Why rebuild when you can change at such a lower value? These gearboxes have been employed by a lot of companies. This gearbox functions a one:one.47 Velocity Up gear ratio for use on 5′ and larger diameter rotary cutters. Sector common 1-three/8″ 6 (6) spline input shaft to accommodate a slip clutch and two” diameter 15 tapered spline output shaft enable fitment to most gentle, common and medium obligation rotary cutters. Each gearbox functions substantial speed bearing models and heat taken care of gears and shafts to guarantee prolonged daily life. Four bolt mounting matches market specifications. Each gearbox includes blade provider mounting nut and cotter pin. Gearboxes are transported dry and need 80-90W gear lube or equal. These gearboxes have been employed by Planet Agriknx and EPC, “The Intercontinental Line” on there IM502, IM602, and Tremendous eight collection of Rotary Cutters and originally experienced a “EPG” brand on the facet. This is the normal substitution gearbox for the OEM box. These gearboxes characteristic the upgraded tapered roller bearing output to improve gearbox energy and longevity replacing the ball bearings used on before versions.

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