Universal Plastic Liquid Filling Line

Universal Plastic Liquid Filling Line

Total Automatic RFCW24-24-eight H2o Bottle Filling Machine

BLISSUM water bottle filling machine is complete automated controled by PLC&time period It can washing bottle&comma filling drinking water into bottle and capping in one equipment&period of time Our bottle filling device is total 304 stainless steel&period We use internatioin model electrical tools&comma motor and drinking water pump to make our bottle filling equipment runing nicely on lengthy time support&period

Characters of h2o bottle filling equipment&colon
one&period Immediate relationship technological innovation among air conveyor and in-feeding starwheel is utilized to change in-feeding screw and conveying chain to simplicity bottle shifting procedure with only to modify number of areas&period Newly-developed bottle-separating grippers are assembled to starwheel&interval
two&period We adopts Neck-hanging technological innovation in bottle transportation&period of time Rather of traditional starwheel&comma we use neck-hanging gripper to make bottle-measurement-modifying simply&comma CZPT products height adjustment&comma only few elements require to be altered
3&time period Specifically-made rinser grippers which are manufactured of stainless steel are agency and endurable&comma with no speak to to screw portion of the bottle to stop second air pollution&period of time
4&period of time Higher-speed&comma easily-cleaned filling valves with huge movement quantity are equipped with properly CIP technique and handle method to rinse the products thoroughly&time period
five&period Splint of starwheel employing twist descending way to simplify the procedure of bottle-dimension-changing&period Only require to alter arch board and starwheel&comma within 10 minutes

We can offer you the full drinking water generation line&comma include the water treament program&comma filling & packaging devices&comma blow molding device and so forth&time period

Parameters of water bottle filling device&colon

Main technical parameters 
Model RFC-W 14-twelve-five RFC-W16-16-five RFC-W24-24-8 RFC-W32-32-8 RFC-W40-40-ten RFC-W50-50-15 RFC-W60-60-fifteen RFC-W72-seventy two-18
Capacity  three&comma000-5&comma000bph five&comma000-8&comma000bph 10&comma000-twelve&comma000bph fifteen&comma000bph eighteen&comma000bph 22&comma000-24&comma000bph 28000-thirty&comma000bph 36&comma000bph
Suitable bottle φ&equals50-110mm H&equals160 -310mm
two hundred-2500ml PET bottles 
Power  two&period42kw three&period12kw  3&period92kw 3&period92kw five&period87kw 7&period87kw eleven&period37kw eleven&period37kw
Dimension  2360x1770x2700 2760x2060x2700 2800x2230x2700 3550x2650x2700 4700x3320x2700 5900x4150x2700 5770x5290x2700 6540x4900x2700
Fat 2500kg 3500kg 3800kg 4200kg 5000kg 8500kg 11000kg 13000kg




Universal Plastic Liquid Filling Line

June 2024